34 Lord Buddha Quotes on Meditation,Spritual Happiness,Wiseness and Love

About Buddha:

Lord Buddha was also known as Gautam Buddha or Siddharth Gautam who is the founder of religion named Buddhism. He was born around 480 BCE in the Lumbini district of Nepal and died around 400 BCE in Kushinagar, India at the age of 80. He is known for his philosophical thoughts and opinions. Buddhism is considered as one of the most promising and peaceful religions of the world. Truth and Peace are the basic principles of Buddhism.

 34 Lord Buddha Quotes on Meditation, Spiritual Happiness, Wiseness, and Love:

1.The fewer people you deal with in your life, the less shit you gonna deal with in your life.

2. Most difficult test in your life is the patience to wait for the right moment.

3. Sometimes you have to avoid your connection with peoples, places, and the messy things of your life to find peace.

4. Nothing can give you as much pain as of your own negative thought.

5. Hate can never be recovered from hate. Only love can turn your hate into care and peace.

6. Never let your fear of today to decide the future of tomorrow. It can destroy your career.

7. Choose respect over love. Respect exists for real but love can be reel.

8. Emotions and feelings are just like visitors. Just let them enter and leave.

9. If you provide some brightness to other's darkness, it will give you some brightness also.

10. Never make permanent decisions to react for temporary feelings.

11. Good people give you beautiful memories and bad people give you a lesson.

12. A mistake that makes you humble is better than that success which makes you arrogant.

13. Be honest, it saves everyone's time.

14. Eyes have their own language, to tell the truth.

15. Make your mind that positive which can see positive things even in the negative situation.

16. You never gonna learn anything in your entire life if you think you are 100% right all the time.

17. Life is not about pleasing everyone that you meet in your life.

18. Sometimes you should have to forgive others to find peace of your own.

19. Choose words wisely. They have the power to destroy and heal.

20. What we are today is the product of what we thought and did yesterday.

21. When difficulty hurts you, it means you are going to learn something.

22. Develop your character than beauty because the character can win the hearts whereas beauty can win just temporary attention.

23. Find your happiness from you. Stop expecting happiness from outsiders.

24. Being happy is the art to live a positive life.

25. Your principles and thoughts can never make you a better person, your behavior does.

26. You can never understand the harmness you cause to someone until you have to face the same.

27. Accept the things, just change them and leave them.

28. Go easy with yourself and whatever you do today, let make it enough.

29. Whatever you imagine, have that craze to create it.

30. The spiritual world can connect us to unimaginable creations. Just believe in those creations.

31. Silence does have meanings sometimes. Never ignore to be silent.

32. Have that anger because it leads you to be successful. Never let your temper to win over anger.

33. Learn to respond than react to unnecessary things if you can't ignore it.

34. Learn to love without intention and do goods without any condition. 

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