26 Crazy Facts About North Korea

North Korea is one of those few countries which is more secret about it like about the economy, about military power, about the way of life, etc. 

It has a population of about 20 million, an area of 1,20,538 square kilometers, and single handily led by the Kim dynasty for about 75 years. In today's time, it is led by Kim Jong Un

North Korea is one of the most secretarial nations in the world so, it doesn't reveal much more information about itself to the world. Political and economic analyzers said frequently that the secretarial policies of it can hurt(degrade) its economy although it doesn't publish much more data about it.

North Korea is much more famous because of its rich military and missile power. It has said that it lies on the third number on highest military power although it doesn't reveal data it may or may not be true.

26 Crazy Facts About North Korea
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Here are some unbelievable facts about North Korea that can surprise you

1. In North Korea, you aren't allowed to call it North Korea. You have to call it to Korea. If you once said North Korea mistakenly, you are going to die.

2. North Korea shares borders with 3 countries, China, South Korea, and Russia.

3. It is one of those two countries where Cocacola can't be sold after Cuba.

4. It is the hardest country in the world to get a visa on.

5. There are only 4 TV channels in North Korea but they all are owned and controlled by the government.

6. Elections happen there in every 5 years and there will only be a candidate from the Kim dynasty to stand up. No peoples are allowed to stand up as a candidate. If they do, they gonna die.

7. Wearing blue jeans is considered as a crime. 

8. If anybody is seeing selling porn pictures(Pornography), then they are punishable to crime.

9. People are not allowed to make abroad phone calls with local SIM cards. It is considered as a crime.

10. North Korean won/Korean People's won is the currency of North Korea.

11. Everything there has two prices. Like from household appliances to foods, items have two prices for different quality.

12. It is one of the largest exporters of seafood products in China.

13. Owning a car is very difficult in North Korea. Only rich and powerful people can buy cars because they are so expensive.

14. Only the government officers are allowed to live in the capital Pyongyang.

15. North Korea lies in the northern part of South Korea.

16. People should have to make 28 hairstyles for(men and women both)as made by the government;15 for men and 13 for women. If anyone found other than those 28 hairstyles then they are punished. But this rule doesn't valid for Kim Jong Un.

17. If anybody found reading a Bible then it is committed as a crime and they have punished as per rule. Bible is banned in North Korea.

18. It has been said that; Marijuana is legal and can be sold and bought pretty easily. 

19. Peoples are made prohibited to listen to western music.

20. North Korea builds artificial fake villages near the South Korea border so that people coming from South Korea can live there.

21. If anybody is found criticizing the government then they will be sent to re-education camps where you are punished so hard like a dead man.

22. North Korea has more than 1 million active soldiers in the military sector and Kim Jong Un is supreme commander and chairman of the central military commission.

23. North Korea is one of the least corrupted countries in the world.

24. Tourists can't allow talking with locals people and taking photos without permission.

25. North Korea is a democratic country.

26. The average income of each north Korean people is about 1000$ annually.


I hope you loved these crazy shocking facts about North Korea.Comment below if you know more shocking facts about North Korea.


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