Exponential Growth of Corona

The term exponential carries a specific meaning in terms of math. On the easiest way exponential growth means that thing is growing really fast. This would be the definition everyone understand. 

We public don't give the value as much as we have to because of our misconception towards the risk, which can be caused by the exponential growth of it. 

For eg if a single person has been infected in a wide population, then he would at least transmit up to 2 people the next day and again these two people will transmit to four people. In this way, this will go wide and can infect people in an outnumbered number within a month. 

Exponential Growth of Corona Virus

Exponential growth in terms of COVID-19 is the increase of infected people each day will be proportional to the number of currently infected people.

The above chart truly explains the current scenarios of the exponential growth of infected people. Red portion/area shown how the infection rate will spread without precautions and safety. 

Here, precaution and safety include hand washing, hand sanitization, masks, etc. Similarly, blue portion shows how greatly this infection rate will reduce if we use precaution and safety. As we see how precaution and safety greatly can reduce the infection rate to the public. 

So, it's a better way to aware of yourself to precaute yourself and follow the instructions coming from authorized authorities.

So from an infection chart, it has been clearly seen that more reduction in exposure, lesser it will spread to people. To stop this quick testing has to be done. 

This exponential growth has to be stopped as soon as possible. Public health response should need to make quick checkup to stop this growth. Immediate isolation of infected people and aggressive testing of people should be done in a rapid way.

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