How To Make Strong Immune System To Avoid Corona Virus

Relation of Immune System with Corona

The immune system is the system of our body that helps to fight against the infection. The immune system is the combination of cells, organs, and chemicals which mainly include white body cells, antibodies, spleen, lymphatic system, and bone marrow. 

This combination priorly fights against any kind of infection to our body. Apart from the above immune parts some other parts of the body like skin, lungs, tear, and digestive system help indirectly to protect our body. 

Any kind of infection including diseases and some disorders affects our immune system. It has been found that the Virus named Corona which stops the whole world affects Corona attacks those people who have low immunity power and take them finally even to death. The possibility of recovery could be less. 

So, here we discuss how we can develop or make our immune system stronger to fight against COVID-19. When a Coronavirus attacks our cells, our cells have to do two things mainly, says medical science. 

First cells have to defend it and notify nearer cells about the attack of the virus.

Immune System And COVID-19

How to Boost Immune System

The immune system isn't a single part or component, it is the combination of different parts and organs. So it could be difficult to say exactly that this thing, that thing protects or make our immune system strong. 

Medical science says that immunity power mainly comes from Vitamin C and D.These vitamins fall on the supplements category but also by improving our basics habits and manners we can contribute to make our immune system stronger. 

The pills and syrups found in the market claim that they can provide a strong immunity power to protect from COVID-19. But that's a false rumors spread by people, says the microbiologists. 

Only a vaccine can provide you full immunity power to fight against it but unfortunately, no vaccines have been discovered till today. 

The doctor also says that if you are healthy and no longer suffer from permanent diseases you don't need to take any supplements found in the market, just care about Vitamin C and D.

Unecessarily taking of supplements in the name of immunity boosters can damage your immunity power instead of making good. They can provide you some extent of immunity power now but after 10 or 15 years effects of them can be shown.

Here are some basics and supplements that could be useful to improve your immunity system:


  • By Handwashing i.e, it kills the germs(especially in today's situation)
  • By Quitting Smoking(in general)
  • Doing Exercises and Yoga(for every disease in general)
  • Reducing Mental Stress(Moreover for this pandemic but valid any day)
  • Receiving Adequate Sleep(put priority every day)


  • Vitamin C and D
  • Turmeric
  • Garlic
  • Red meat
  • Zinc and Iron

(Recently it has been said that Hydrochloroqinine and Dexamethasone could be used as a medical supplement to increase immunity power. Also, Patanjali says that they have made the Ayurveda medicine named Coronil which can cure the patient infected from Corona within 14 days of time.)

What To Do If You Have Long Term Disease:

In general, people who have long term disease or permanent diseases like T.B., Kidney disease, Cancer, HIV, etc have automatically low immunity power. So the affection of virus towards them is also high. 

So they must have to be more careful about it and should prepare themselves to stay away from it as much as possible.

5 things can they can do to keep them safe from COVID 19:

  • Stay home much. Should make no comparison with roaming of healthy people with them.
  • Wash hands at least 4 times a day.
  • Should continue their regular medicines with proper .consultations from Doctor.
  • Do regular exercises and yogas inside.
  • Other affections like coughing, fever, etc shouldn't be ignored like a normal condition.


After almost many people in the world infected by the corona virus,many people win the battle of corona virus.Thus,you need to learn how to make strong immune system to avoid Corona virus and stay safe.


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