23 Love Quotes That You Can Express To Your Loved Ones

Here are some love quotes which you can express to your loved ones:

1. The distance can stop me from kissing you but it can't stop me from loving you...

2. I want you today, tomorrow, and the rest of my life.

3. Sometimes we fight like Tom and Jerry, care like Nobita and Doraemon, and love like Mickey and Minnie.

4. I am damaged as hell but I will never damage you as the way you hurt me.

5. In my dreams we are still together; our souls dancing among the stars.

6. Walking along the silent lanes holding your damn hands; I wish this continued endlessly.

7. Words are very powerful so is love also. Spend it wisely.

8. You may be fat for the world but you are just the cutest panda existing on this planet for him.

9. Telling you stories of my life, I never thought this will turn into our love.

10. You were my soul before you became my poetry.

11. There is nothing as beautiful as a lover who demands love and nothing more.

12. The main reason behind most of the breakup is Misunderstanding.

13. Never explain your heart to anyone because the right one will already know.

14. Love is patient, Love is kind.

15.He/She lies on the other side of the line, where lust ends and love begins.

16. Your lap is my favorite place to sleep.

17. Nobody can break our bond baby, just chill.

18. When I see you, I can't remove my eyes from you.

19. Long-distance can never make relationships weak, it makes the relationship stronger.

20. Belief is what makes relationship long-lasting.

21. The long-distance relationship makes the relationship more strong than that of those couples staying together.

22. Come, let's make this night a memorable one. Look at the sky, stars are shining just like you.

23. Baby, don't let anyone come between us coz we two are enough for us.


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