Mental Health Issues On this Pandemic

How Mental Health Issues Arise?

The whole world is probably passed through the worst phase in the last two decades nearly. The virus originated through Wuhan China now spread all over the world. 

Lives have been affected, school and colleges being shut down, industries get closed, the whole country being lockdown. Peoples must have to stay home despite their interests and willingness.

They can't go outside to fresh their mood, to enjoy themselves. Most of the government follows the lockdown despite knowing how much it will affect the economy in the coming days. Vaccines haven't been made so far. 

So the citizens have to follow government actions and have to stay home. The other thing, the exponential growth of it scares the whole world.
Due to all these lives been affected, people been thinking too much over the ongoing devastation going over them. Mainly the low classes and middle classes been greatly affected and depressed. 

They think it will be going hard and hard more and more if the pandemic hasn't been ended as soon as possible. So overthinking too much automatically affects their mental health. Mental health has so greatly been affected to them.

Some middle class and low class also have their debts. Without working there will not be any possibility of earning and without earning there is not any way to pay up their debts. 

Mainly these mental health issues get aroused due to economical reasons without any doubts. Some people have committed suicide already with thinking of the inability to take up this pandemic anymore. 

Mental health should always be chosen over physical fitness, therefore. This statement doesn't mean to say ignore physical health.

Mental Health Issues On this Pandemic

Solutions To Recovery That Mental Stress

Mental Health Issues On this Pandemic

So the solution over this is for both individual and government. Individuals don't need to overthink about their own problems. 

Things will go smoothly if they think about how to overcome the economic crisis after it gets ended more priory.

The government should help their low class and middle-class people by keeping them a priority, Government should take care of their Interest rate and due date of their debts. It will greatly help the netizens in such a pandemic.

Different Activities That Can Help To Enlighten Your Mood

  • Find your hobbies and do the activities as per your interests
  • Stay completely away from negative thoughts and peoples
  • Spend time with your family and closed ones.
  • Surrounds yourself with positivist.
  • Do meditation, exercises, and yoga's daily.
  • Stay away from social media as much as you can. Social media is becoming so much toxic and full of negativity these times.

My Opinion

I think these tips are helpful and will helps you to get out from mental health issues on this pandemic.Leave a comment below,what you think about it.


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