Reason Behind The Rapid Expansion Of Corona


As we all know Coronavirus was supposed to be first originated from Wuhan, China in early December 2019. At first, nobody expects exponential expansion of it to the whole world and will affect people's lives that way as of now. 

The WHO declared it as a 'Public International Emergency Health Concern' at end of January 2020 and declared it pandemic on March 11. More than 9.2 million peoples are reported positive,475 thousand peoples have died and about 5 million people are recovered as of 23 June 2020. 

It has spread in 218 different countries and territories till today across the globe. We are worried about future of world from corona virus.

Europe and Corona

Europe is highly suffered from it as that of Asia in comparison.USA, Brazil, Russia, India, England are the top 5 highly affected countries till now. Newzealand is reported to be the first nation free from coronavirus recently. 

There is no great symptoms for it, symptoms are the same and regular as that of like fever and the common cold. It mainly takes exponential form in the third stage. 

In the first stage single person tested positive coming from third countries, secondly few peoples have been tested positive and after that, it begins to take an exponential form. The rapid expansion of it makes the whole world think about the reasons behind it.

Reason Behind The Rapid Expansion Of Corona

Main Reason Behind The Rapid Expansion Of Corona

The first case was reported on 24 January 2020 in Europe and within a few months, it starts to take rapid growth. Ignorance of it is the main reason behind the rapid expansion of corona. Within a few weeks of the first case was reported, more than 300 peoples tested positive from the corona. 

After a month,it has reached all the 53 countries and 7 territories of Europe. Even after that government doesn't seem to worry about it. So within 2 weeks, it has been reported, it begins to follow its exponential growth in each country. After seeing this, the government now finally concern about it. 

Finally setting up labs and testing of swabs has been started but they don't shut down the countries. Also, enough testings haven't been provided across the country. So the unavailability of kits and testing cause an increment of it. Parks, shopping malls, rail stations have been opened and haven't been closed until that time, so this helps more to increase the positive cases and make the situation worse. 

Instead of concerning more about public health safety, government priors the national economy first. That's why they hesitate to put the whole nation under lockdown and this causes the rapid increment in cases. 

Finally, the whole world along with Europe decided to go under lockdown and even after doing it takes nearly 2 months to slow the rate of increment in cases. It takes that long time to recover from the old situation. 

So the main reason behind the rapid expansion of corona in Europe is, the government of countries puts the economy first before citizen's health and they took a long time to go under lockdown.

What They Could Have Done?

After pandemic what can do they and what Europe did to overcome a corona pandemic.

From Government Side:

The government really should be sensitive towards public health safety. After the first case was been reported, they should have more careful towards it and should take immediate action to cure it. 

Even after the more cases been reported, rapid testings should have done, testing kits should have been increased. Also the main thing, the government should take the decision of putting the country under lockdown faster than they did before. 

Testing procedure and method should be made easy and fast one where everyone gets free testing with a very short span of time.

From People(Our)Side:

People also should be more sensitive towards it at the initial phase. People were really careless at first towards it. So that's the reason behind its rapid expansion mainly. 

Also even after once, the fear was developed among the people, they somehow neglect it accidentally because they were been travelling and walking to the public places like before when the condition was normal. 

Another thing when some symptoms had occurred, instead of putting them under home quarantine or home isolation, they had been regularly interacted with their families and society's people which more increases the positive cases.


I hope we will get a corona vaccine shortly in future and kicked out the corona virus from the world.These are some of the reason behind the rapid expansion of corona.So stay safe stay home.

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