"5 Books to Understand Deeper About Stock Market"

The stockmarket is been always on top for many investors to invest and make a profit. The stock market is among those few businesses where we can grow our investment in exponential growth. But for this, you have to deep knowledge about the stock market.

Here, we are going to discuss those top 5 stock related books from where you can learn numerous ideas and skills to make high growth on your investment with high profits and returns.

Here are my  recommendations for some books that may be useful to gather larger knowledge about the stock market

1.The Intelligent Investor

If you are willing to read one book about the stock market then it has to be "The Intelligent Investor".This book is been useful to gather the overall information about the stock market. 

The author of this book is Benjamin Graham, a college professor of Warren Buffet. This book clearly explains the ideas to keep your portfolio safe and solid while others are busy on taking risks. 

His investing strategies have been successful over the last 100 years. This book considers stock as an ownership interest in a business. 

This book classifies the investors in two types as Defensive(Passive) investors and Enterprising(Active) investors. Also, it insists to keep a margin of safety while investing.

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2.One Up On Wall Street

This is a biography book written by Peter Lynch. This book inspires those investors who want to use their own knowledge and common sense to enter the stock market. 

In this book, there are numerous ideas to make a smart investment. This book briefly explains the mutual fund market as Lynch himself being a mutual fund manager. It insists on doing the fidelity investment. 

Lynch categorizes the company in 6 categories as:

  • Slow Growers
  • Stal Warts
  • Fast Growers
  • Cyclicals
  • Asset Plays
  • Turnarounds

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3.The Little Book of Common Sense Investing

Author of this book is John C. Bogle who is a founder and retired CEO of Vanguard, an investment management firm. This book explains one of the finest strategies that can match with today's investment scenario. 

The author briefly explains all the possible smart moves to make your portfolio safe and solid. Bogle says"More the managers take, less the investors make".This book motivates you on owning the entire stock to the index fund. 

That is the strategy to beat the market and winning the market. The author says"Don't look for the needle, just buy the haystack".

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4.The Warren Buffet Way

This book is written by Robert G. Hagstrom, Peter Lynch and Kenneth Fisher. The way of investing in the Warren Buffet's way can be understood by this book. 

The stories and strategies of Buffet surely gonna motivate you to invest wisely in the stock market. This book priors on analyzing the company than studying the market. Also, the author says, don't grab a deal of any company even if it is not right, wait for the right time. 

Also, this book explains to buy decent stocks at decent prices then go for the larger company with very high stock value. This book says not to worry about the market prices on a daily basis because it doesn't matter much to your investment.

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5.How to Make Money in Stocks

This book explains how to win in good and bad times in the stock market and is written by William J. O'Neil. With this book, you can collect the ideas for your safe way to invest in the stock market. 

This book collects the experiences of various investors investing for over 50 years. The author insists to look at a leading company in stock rather than go for a lagging one. 

This book explains to choose the stock on basing some indicators like the capital of the company, committee of the company, the history of it in past few years, etc.

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Hope you guys enjoy my article about books to understand deeper about stock market. Leave a comment below if you are with my points.

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