Democracy,Its Origin,Characterstics and 5 Top and Worst Democratic Countries

Democracy Introduction

Democracy the word itself is a Greek word made up of two words, demos(people) and Kratos(rule). In short form, it is a system where rules are made from people for their own. 

Some basic rights provided by the democratic system include freedom of speech, equality, voting right to choose their people, proper rights for minority peoples, etc. 

Under democracy, nobody can take control over rules and policies because it is a people system. Rules will be made as per the necessity and desire of people. 

Rules will be the same for everybody and will not be varied in accordance with power, money, caste, etc. Every year 15 September is celebrated as Democracy day every year. 

Under the democratic system, every vote weights the same value. In a democratic system, people have that right to stand up as a candidate or do vote their favorite candidate to elect them. Depending on that there are two types of democracy:

5 Top and Worst Democratic Countries

Some of the most popular 5 top and worst democratic countries.

(1)Direct Democracy

Under direct democracy, people have the right to decide and make the rules and policies directly for their own.

(2)Representative Democracy

Under it, people elect their people and send them to the house under a Parliamentary or Presidental system to make the rules and policies for them.

Origin of Democracy:

Ancient Era:

Democracy is a Greek word, so it is originated from the city of Greece, Athens around 508 BC. The democracy developed in Athens is a direct democracy where people had made their own rules from them. 

The first representative form of democracy appeared in 700 BC in Sparta, a city of Greece where elections had arranged to decide government officers. Security of minority rights is included under democracy from the Roman Republic by making an arrangement to take part in the election for minor Roman citizens. 

Slowly feudal systems arrive in Europe which covers the most part of democracy in the middle ages. So democracy was shifted towards England from Greece.

Modern Era:

In 1647 an idea of debating for rights of people from a political party in house is started in Putney debates. In a very early phase of the 17th-century election of officers from the country, districts happen in Ukraine. In 1707 parliamentary system was developed in the UK after the merger of England and Scotland. 

Also around the post phase of 17th-century civil rights have been expanded in Sweden. In 1833 British parliament passed the slavery abolition act and in 1876 Ottoman Empire decided to held elections in every two years. So slowly democracy enters the 20th and 21st century where revolution happens.


  • Freedom of speech
  • Equal rights
  • Equality of Law
  • Political Freedom

Based on the score published by Economist Intelligence Unit(EIU) here are the top and worst countries depending on that score varies from 0 to 10:

Top 5 Democratic Countries

Here are the list of top 5 democratic countries.


  • EIU score-9.87
  • Area-385203 square kilometres
  • Capital-Oslo
  • Population-5.5 million


  • EIU score-9.58
  • Capital-Reykjavik
  • Area-103000 square kilometres
  • Population-300 thousands


  • EIU score-9.39
  • Capital-Stockholm
  • Area-450295 square kilometers
  • Population-10.3 million


  • EIU score-9.26
  • Capital-Wellington
  • Area-268021 square kilometers
  • Population-4.89 million


  • EIU score-9.25
  • Capital-Helsinki
  • Area-338440 square kilometers
  • Population-5.52 million

Top 5 Worst Democratic Countries:

1.North Korea

  • EIU score-1.08
  • Capital-Pyongyang
  • Area-120538 square kilometers
  • Population-25.5 million

2.The Democratic Republic of The Congo

  • EIU score-1.13
  • Capital-Kinshasa
  • Area-2.345 million square kilometers
  • Population-84.1 million

3.The central African Republic

  • EIU score-1.32
  • Capital-Bangui
  • Area-622984 square kilometres
  • Population-4.66 million


  • EIU score-1.43
  • Capital-Damascus
  • Area-185180 square kilometres
  • Population-16.9 million


  • EIU score-1.61
  • Capital-N'Djamena
  • Area-1.284 million square kilometres
  • Population-15.5 million


Here are some important facts and information about democracy,its origin,characterstics and top and worst democratic countries.

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