30 Hidden Facts About China

A Little Description About China

China is the largest country of Asia continent and supposed as the fourth largest country of the world areawise. It has an area of about 9.6 million square kilometers and has a population of approximately about 1.4 billion. 

It is also considered as the largest communistic country in the world. Beijing is the capital and Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xi'an are some popular cities in China. 

Hong Kong and Macau are the two special administrative regions of China. It is one of the largest trading countries of the world expanding its products to almost 130 countries around the globe. Also, it is the second-largest economic country GDP wise after the USA. 

It is also one of the countries that has the largest military troops.

Here are some crazy facts about China which you find hard to believe

1. Chinese Population is 20% of the whole world population.

2. China is a country having the largest atheist population in the world. Even the government is an atheist in China.

3. It is the third country of the world sending a man to space after Russia and the USA.

4. Facebook, Instagram, YouTube,  Twitter, and even google have been banned since 2009 in China. Instead of google Baidu is used as a search engine.

5. Killing panda in China is punishable to death.

6. China is the largest automobile producer in the world.

7. The Pin is placed in collars of the Chinese soldiers so that they would keep their chin up every time.

8. China shares borders with 14 different countries in the world.

9. More than 4 million cats have been eaten in China every year.

10.'Great Wall of China' is the only man-made thing that can be seen from the moon which is 21196km long.

11. Treatment camps are there in China for internet-addicted peoples.

12. It is one of the counties which have the least suicidal rate. As per the 2016 report, China has less suicidal rate than the USA. 

13. Beijing is the third most polluted city of the earth. Three of the Chines cities make the rank on top 10 most polluted cities of the world including Beijing. Other twos are Guangzhou and Shanghai.

14. Chinese New Year is celebrated for 16 days and is the largest new year celebration public holiday in the world.

15. Table Tennis is the national sport of China.

16. Eggs are boiled with man's urine in China.

17. It has a single time zone and runs the whole of China as per the Beijing time zone.

18. More than two-third mushrooms that the world consumes come from China.

19. Nearly 10 million people speak English in China. This population is almost 1% of the Chinese population.

20. Red dresses are considered as a symbol of unluckiness or offensive in China.

21. The legal age to marry is 22 years for men and 20 years for women in China.

22. It is the first country to publish printed books and money.

23. The Bullet train of China is the fastest legal way to travel on land in the Earth.

24. China is the largest market for smartphones.

25. Chinese people love to eat cockroach that much even cockroach farms can be found in business form/type.

26. The Chinese language is the most spoken language in the world.

27. Chines culture is one of the oldest cultures in the world. It has been said that Chinese culture is more than 5000 years old.

28. Playstation is illegal in China.

29. More than 30 million people are lived underground/caves in China because of poorness.

30. Production and distribution of fake things aren't considered illegal in China. It is the largest manufacturer of fake things.


These are some hidden, crazy, unknown, amazing facts about China you never heard it before.

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