"Top 9 Stock Investors of Modern Time"

Possibility in exponential growth attracts many people towards the stock market. In today's time also there are many investors who are doing excellent in their investment through the stock market because of their philosophies and ideas. 

They have been sticking towards the simple financial approach of the company and look for value. They became a billionaire from a simple startup of millions or thousands.

Here are the top 5 names which are always remembered whenever, wherever we talk about the modern stock market:

Who can forget the largest modern-day investor great Warren Buffet? He is probably the most successful investor in terms of the capital from where he started and what he is now building from it. Starting from 174K$ to building an empire of around 90 billion as of December 2019, he truly inspires the people. 

He is currently the CEO of Berkshire Hathway. From coming up from thousands of dollars to becoming the fourth wealthiest man in the world, he went through ups and downs.

John C. Bogle is a founder of Vancouver, an investment firm that has a value of about 3 trillionaires. Vancouver, a company mostly does the investment through the mutual funds, and with a year he moved to Vancouver he made it a second-largest mutual fund company. His book "The Little Book of Common Sense Investing" is so popular in investors.

Peter Lynch is also an author of the book"One Up On Wall Street" which explains his own ideas to make your portfolio solid. In between 13 years of his tenure from 1977 to 1990, he moved the assets of Magellan fund from 18 million to 14 million with his smart stock ideas.

Bill Gross is considered as the "King Of Bonds".He co-founded the world's largest fixed investment company worth  300 billion, Pacific Investment Management Company(PIMCO), along with his team.

Active, continuing, and aggressive bond investing is the main reason behind the success of Bill Gross. He is known for his long term investment strategies and finding those market's exploit inefficiencies.

Carl Icahn is an American business leader who is a founder of Ichan enterprises which is known as American Real State Partners earlier. He is known for his dedication and leadership towards shareholder activism. 

He also served American President Donald Trump as an economic advisor on financial regulation in the year 2017.

He was a popular American American stock investor and also an author of the popular book"Common Stocks and Uncommon Profits".

He was the CEO of his own investment firm named Fisher and Company and ran it from 1931 to 1999 and achieved excellent annual returns on his and his client's investment.

John Templeton was a British born American banker and popular mutual fund manager and investor. He is also known as the creator of the modern mutual fund. 

He made a progression on his investments on a snap of four years from 1939 to 1943. After realizing it, he opened his own mutual fund market and gave it the name"Templeton Growth Fund".

He is a Hungarian born American stock investor and philanthropist. He is popular people for running his own fund named Quantum fund which gives the annual return more than 30% of his investment. 

His own fund'Quantum Fund' is based upon the physical theory of quantum mechanics developed by him to make a fast increment on the investment.

He is a popular American Investor and fund manager who has a net worth of around 1.1 billion. He is one of those few investors which make a high annual return on their investments. 

He makes an average annual return of about 24% which is amazing. He invests the money mainly in hedge funds and is ranked in 1851 on the Forbes list as of 2020.


In the world, these are the top 9 stock investors of modern time. What you think comment below.

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