Top 26 Facts About Japan

Japan is considered one of the most developed Asian countries in terms of science and technology. It has a population of around 126 million(as of 2020) and an area of 377,915 square kilometers. Rapid progress in technology makes this country as a  technology powerhouse of Asia. 

Technology developed there is accepted and admired by the whole world. People, there are so hardworking and are highly dedicated to their work. Japanese people are also known for their dedication to the work. 

Japan is considered one of the leading countries in terms of technological stuffs and products. Products like a robot, electrical and computer parts, etc mostly used are of Japan. People there are mostly innovative and productive. 

Energy is full-on to do their work sincerely and completely. Japanese people are considered as one of the most hardworking people in the globe.

Some cool facts about Japan

Top 26 Facts About Japan

1. Most of the mobile phones in Japan are waterproof so that the people can use them even in the shower.

2. Japan faces more than 1500 earthquakes every year.

3. People use stamps (Hankos) over signatures in Japan.

4. Japan is made up of 6852 islands.

5. Tokyo is the capital city of Japan.

6. The birth rate of Japan is so low that adult diapers sale more than baby diapers.

7. Japan is the third-largest automobile producer in the whole world after China and the USA.

8. Black cats are considered as sign of good luck in Japan.

9. Almost 70000 people in Japan are above 100 years old. And 68% of those are women as per the 2018 report.

10. Japanese Passport is most powerful passport in the world which can grant visa free access in more than 190 countries.

11. Children don't have to give exams until the age of 10 in Japan.

12. Anime is so much famous in Japan that more than 50 schools put anime as a subject.

13. Japan has the second-highest life expectancy in the world after Hongkong.

14. Watermelons found in Japan are mostly in squared shape which are developed by them for easier store and stack.

15. The working speed of Japanese people is much faster than the other people in the world in average.

16. Japanese people eats more fish than any other country's people in the world; about 17 tons of fish every year.

17. Shinjuku train station is the most busiest train station in the world where about 2 million people travel in a day.

18.On average each Japanese family has 3 pets in their houses.They have generally more pets than their own children.

19. Japan has the constitutional monarchy with parliament system and is the oldest monarchy of the world.

20. Japanese language is one of the toughest language of the world to write it down.

21. Almost 80% of Japan is covered with mountains and peaks.

22. Very few people are migrated from outside to live in Japan.So almost 98% people are Japanse in Japan.

23. Japan is occupied by the USA after defeating it between 1945 to 1952.

24. Sumo wrestling is a national sport in Japan.

25. The suicide rate in Japan is 60% higher than the global average.

26. More than 5 million vending machines to provide you a coffee across the country.


These are some of the amazing facts about Japan which we rarely believe.

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