Top 27 Facts About Russia

Russia is the only country in the world that lies in two different continents(Transcontinental)as Asia and Europe and is the biggest country of the world area wise having an area of about 17.1 million square kilometres. 

It has a population of about 146 million as of 2020 published by world bank. Ural mountain separates it into Asia and Europe. There is a communist system where the central government retains some power and distributes some power to the state government also. 

The presidential system is being followed and election completes in two phases as the last top 2 candidates go for the final round. Russia is one of the largest military power countries with vast nuclear power.

Top 27 Facts About Russia

Here are some top facts about Russia which you can't believe

1. Russia has 11 different time zones in total including both Asia and Europe.

2. The closest distance between Russia and the USA is almost 4 kilometers separated by Bering Strait. It is the closest border Russia shared with any country.

3. Because of disputation on the Kuril Islands, Russia hasn't signed a peace treaty with Japan.

4. Russia has more surface area than Pluto.

5. Alaska once was a part of Russia but in 1867 the USA purchased it from Russia giving around 7.2 million.

6. Russia is the second country in the world alongside China who embedded with 14 different countries as a border.

7. Russian law provides that right to woman to kill rapists as self-defense.

8. The deepest lake in the world, Baikal lake lies in Russia which has 20% of the world's freshwater.

9. Russia has the world's longest and busiest railway line; Trans-Siberian railway which covers spanning the length of 9289km.

10. Russia has a literacy rate of almost 98% which is more than most of the civilized European countries.

11. Oymyakon is the world's coldest inhabited place that lies in Russia where the lowest temperature recorded was -67.7 degree Celcius.

12. Russia ran out of vodka while celebrating the ending of WW2.

13. Russia is the 3rd largest oil-producing country in the world after the USA and Saudi Arabia.

14. It is one of the largest educational destinations for foreign students.

15. The population of women is 54% and that of men is 46% of the total Russian population. 

16. All the International Space Station(ISS) astronauts have to learn the Russian language compulsorily as a part of the training.

17. The timber industry is one of the oldest and valuable source for the Russian economy.

18. The area of Russia is almost 17% of the earth's total inhabited land.

19. Almost 50% of Russian land is covered with forests making it the country having the largest forest in the world.

20. Russian President Vladimir Putin is a professional judo player.

21. Russia is the first nation to launch a dog named Laika into the space.

22. Capital Moscow is the home for more than 60 billionaires of the world. As per 2019, 71 billionaires live in Moscow city.

23. Beer is not considered as alcohol until 2011. It is considered a soft drink.

24. Russia has almost 7000 nuclear weapons which are the most possessed by any nation on Earth.

25. Russia is the most populated country in Europe and is the 9th most populated country in the world.

26. The average life expectancy of people in Russia is almost 73 years as per 2017.

27. Russia has the fifth-largest military power after China, India, the USA, and North Korea.


These are some of the top interesting amazing and hidden facts about Russia.I Think these facts changed your mind.

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