Top 9 Stocks of 2020

Stock Analysis

The stock value becomes more and more advance in 2020 than in 2019. Mainly in 2019, the technology sector is the main sector whose value increases rapidly. 

Newcomer and large investors only want to invest in it. But now in 2020, the tech sector is not the only sector that performs well but the progression and advances in the medical field make the health sector also the main attraction for investors to invest in the stock market. 

The banking sector is always an evergreen sector with slow and steady progress.

Here we present you the top stocks of 2020 that you should make an investment based on the stock factors and trading globally:

Some Top Stocks

Around the world,we had collected some top stocks that are really amazed your mind.


Amazon is an American based multinational e-commerce company founded by Jeff Bezos and having the capital around 300 billion(as of 2020). 

Its stock symbol is AMZN and has the stock price around 3000$ as of June 2020.PE ration is 68 and is considered as 4th largest technological company after Google, Apple, and Microsoft.


Dropbox is also an American based software company that provides personal cloud, file synchronization, and cloud storage to people across the world. 

Its stock symbol is DBX and is trading at around 22$ as of June 2020. It has a PE ratio of around 35.

3.NextEra Energy

It is the largest company related to energy production as per market capitalization in the world. Headquarters is based on America but it is spread throughout America and Canada. 

Its stock symbol is NEE and is traded around 240$ per share as of June 2020.PE ratio is around 37.


It is an American multinational biotechnology company that provides the treatment of patients suffered from neuro diseases worldwide. 

It is one of the top stock in the health sector.BIIB is its stock symbol and this stock is trading around 260$ per share on the stock market.PE ratio is under 10. It is the best stock which is interested in the health sector.


Paypal is also an American based company that operates the transfer of money through online worldwide. Elon Musk is one of the founders of this company. 

PYPL is the stock symbol and is trading around 175$.It has a PE ratio of around 110.


It is an American computer software company having the capital around 12 billion. It is the largest computer software company in the world. ADBE is its stock symbol and is trading around 430$. PE ratio is around 55.


Teleflex is a medical services provider company which spreads in more than 40 countries across the world and its headquarter is based on Pennsylvania. 

Its stock symbol is TFX and is traded around 360$. It has a PE ratio of almost 32.


As we all know Facebook is the most used social media site across the globe. It is also an American based social media company with a revenue of more than 70 billion. 

FB is the stock symbol of it for trading and trading happens around 218$ when this article is prepared.PE ratio is about 23.

9.State Street

It is an American based banking and financial services provider company having a revenue of almost 12 billion. 

It has the stock symbol as STT is traded at 60$ per share when this article is writing. PE ratio of this company is around 20.


It is a social media service provider American Company founded in 2009. It provides the information and bits of knowledge through images and gifts sharing in pin boards forms. 

It is one of the fastest-growing companies in past 10 years. It has a stock price of around 20$ with stock symbol PINS.


These are some of the top stocks of 2020.I just find world top 9 stocks of 2020.I hope you guys are finds this interesting. You can comment below if I placed something wrong.

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