What really is "FASCISM"??Does it help on development of Country or not?


Fascism the word itself is derived from the Italian word "Fascia" which means "a bundle of Sticks" i.e, it signifies unity in political and social view. It is simply a thought which arose as a demand after WW1 in which various opinions were included. It is a thought which priors extreme nationalism or we say ultranationalism in another word. It simply says that nothing is greater than the nation, so, it doesn't care about anything and anyone when it comes to a matter of nation. It is simply a political and social ideology that differs from other ideologies like democracy, capitalism, communism, etc on its own principles. On any state or country running under fascism thought, the whole power is dictated and controlled from that state or government.



-Prior nation over citizen
-Government controlled
-State/nation is under the single radar

Origin of Fascism:

    The fascist movement first started from Italy after the WW1 ended in 1919. Italy supported its closed one countries in WW1. Despite being a helpful hand in WW1  to its closed nations, Italy felt like they didn't get the right power despite the country felt losses in military power and economy. Italy felt weakened itself after facing huge losses mainly in the military and national economy. Former King of Italy, Victor Emmanuel, at that time appointed Benito Mussolini as a prime minister of the country as he came from military background keeping a hope to lift economy up. So finally Mussolini established the Fascist Party in 1919. Italy is considered as the origin of fascist thought so.

Does it help with the development of a country or not?

   Taking about, "Is really a Fascism help the country in development or not?".As it is a thought believing in extreme nationalism. So under Fascism, the country is led by a single party. Nobody can raise a question against a government neither uplift a finger against the actions of the government. It priors the country first then people. So obviously due to that whole country will be under a single radar i.e, government, therefore it will be wrong to say it blocks the development of a country. So, yeah, being operated under a strict doctrine founded by that party it never opposes the development of the country. Sometimes we heard the news about different leaders being a fascist, so, it doesn't mean it will degrade the economy or anything like that. It simply means they prefer to put them and country high above anything else. So, fascism always priors the country and its welfare.

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