Top 22 Facts About Nepal

Top 22 Facts About Nepal

When you are interested in history, you find many unbelievable facts about Nepal. Some of these facts make us feel proud to be Nepali. Let's see what are those facts which make us feel proud.

List Of Fact About Nepal

1. Nepal is the oldest country in South Asia.

2. The world's highest mountain Mt. Everest lies in Nepal whose height is 8848 meters.

3. Nepal has 8 mountains of the world's top 10 peaks above 8000m.

4. Buddha who is addressed as the light of Asia was born in Lumbini, Nepal.

5. The only country in southern Asia, Nepal is not a slave to the British unlike India, Pakistan, Srilanka, etc.

6. More than 126  ethnics/ castes and 129 languages are spoken in Nepal.

7. Despite having a smaller area. Nepal is the second richest country in inland water resources.

8. Nepal has more than 6000 rivers and more than 5000 lakes.

9. Arun valley, the deepest valley of the world lies in Nepal.

10. Tilicho lake is the highest altitude lake which is situated 4949m from sea level.

11. Nepal has more than 3000 temples and 1200 monasteries and lamaseries.

12. It has 10 world heritage sites and surprising fact is 7 out of 10 lies within an area of 20km.

13.886 species of birds can be found in Nepal which is more than 9% of total bird species found worldwide.

14. Kumari is the only living goddess of the world.

15. Nepalese flag is the world's only non-quadrilateral flag.

16. Bikram Sambat calendar is used in Nepal which is the original calendar of Nepal. This calendar is 57 years before AD.

17. The world's 20% unicorn rhino can be found in Nepal.

18. The thorny Vulture is the only bird that can be found in Nepal.

19. Hattipolo is the only game that is played in Nepal, a game played by elephants.

20. More than 80% of people follow the Hindu religion.

21. Nepal is one of the cheapest countries for tourists visiting. 

22. More than 350 species of orchids can be found in Nepal.


These are some of the latest and ancient lists of facts about Nepal.I hope you guys like these facts and help you to increase your knowledge.

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