Future Scenario Of This Pandemic And Lockdown

Future Scenario Of This Pandemic And Lockdown

Already we have discussed the origin of COVID-19, its exponential growth, how it affects the people's way, mental stress caused on the public due to this pandemic and lockdown, etc etc.
Today we are going to analyze when it will to end and we all can come back to our normal life as like previous when we all are freed to go anywhere as our wish and desire.
Many people are so curious to know when will coronavirus ends but deep down we all know it eventually will take a long time. So below is a future scenario of COVID-19 how I look about it:

Precaution On People Will Increase

Yes, without a doubt knowledge and information on people will be increased as a comparison to previous. Before, knowing everything, people didn't care much more about the consequences they have to face.
But in the coming days, scenarios will be changed. They will care about it, they really will be scared about the problems if COVID-19 appears on them. They will also start to think about families and societies. So they are going to follow the instructions issued by the state and government.
So due to these infected cases and the death rate will be decreased as a comparison to how we see in the previous 1-2 months. So due to this many of the countries will remove the lockdown slowly and will be back in normal life.

Removal Of Lockdown Will Begin Stepwise

Obviously, cases have been decreased at a good rate. So, countries don't need to put the whole nation under lockdown, we know how much it affects the national economy.
So, public transports, industries and companies, and other things which are related to human necessity will be slightly opened backing up the economy. Public places and malls will be opened also stepwise.
Finally, people can go outside and roam around beaches and parks. They can feel fresh and mental stress on people will decrease. Sports will be finally back and sports lovers are going to love it.

Possibility Of Discovery Of Vaccines

Yeah, there will be a high possibility of the discovery of vaccines against coronavirus. As per the latest reports and researches, 17 vaccines are under trial and Russia also claim that the discovery of his virus also successfully proven in human also.
The whole world is under research on vaccines against coronavirus with a single motive and aim. So with all this, we can say that discovery of the virus will be sure in the near future but it can definitely take time.

We All Will Be Back Into Normal Life

So after all the things, we discussed above, there will not remain anything about which we should afraid. Particularly after the discovery of vaccines, everything will operate as per the previous golden days.
Schools, colleges, Industries, Public vehicles, Airports, etc all will be opened and will do things like before. Although there can remain the possibility of fear, this fear will exist for 2-3 months only. After this people will be back into their original life with full josh like never before.

Economy Will Badly Affected

Yes, this corona outbreak is going to affect the economy much more badly. The main reason behind that will be the shutdown of companies and industries for nearly 4-5 months. Industries have been closed completely as per the state or government order.
Production and supply of goods have been closed. So the industries don't have any source of income. But the industries still have to pay their debts to banks and organizations which arise mainly in the economic crisis.
On the government side, the government can't take any taxes on products and goods which causes a decrease in the national economy which directly affects the peoples.

Unemployment Problem Will Increase

We heard it right, industries are going to decrease the number of employees from the previous time. As we already described how badly they affected from this economic crisis.

Now due to this several months lockdown, they need at least 2-3 years to overcome their economy as like previous. So due to this unemployment problem will again increase.

Even if the people get their job, they are provided less salary for the same kind of work that companies pay before. So, the economy and unemployment of people are going to affect again highly.

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