Growth of Suicidal Cases in Lockdown


The whole world is suffered and passed through the difficult phase. Everyone gets stopped. Industries have been shut down, universities been closed so that jobs been closed also. So the way of earning to survive is also been closed. 

Mental illness and problems have been increased. Low class and middle class have been suffered a lot. They have been mentally disturbed and depressed. 

Cause Of Growth of Suicidal Cases in Lockdown

Some people can't bear the pressure of it. They commit suicide with a confidence of no way to tackle it down even after the lockdown ends. 

They don't know how to pay debts and loans to their banks. They have absolutely no source of earning this tough time. So they have been thinking unable to do it. 

That's the story of middle-class people. On the other hand lower-class been suffered a lot on this lockdown. They don't have any food to survive. 

They don't know what to eat, whom they call to help them. Data shows the number of suicidal cases has been increased in recent times as compared to before this pandemic

This is all due to the mental depression of them which they think they can't face off even after lockdown.

Solution To Overcome Suicidal Cases in Lockdown

The government is been irresponsible to their citizens even on this pandemic. The government should care about those people. 

They should do what they really need which makes them believe there really is a responsive government to feel about them. The government can take care of health and the interests, can post the due date of their debts, etc. 

Individuals also don't be so panic over the situation. They need to keep that faith and josh on them to overcome that situation which would help them.


These are some of the causes and solution towards growth of suicidal cases in lockdown. We all need to take some action in this case as it is increasing day by day.

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