Reasons Behind Re-Increment in Corona Positive Cases


As we all know how this Chinese originated coronavirus affects the lives of around 7.8 Billion people around the globe. Instead of decrement in cases, things become exactly the opposite, the number of infected people is been rising day by day. 

The world faces probably the worst times ever during those last one and half years. The exponential growth of it doesn't look to stop that easily until the proper vaccine discovery.

Reasons Behind Re-Increment in Corona Positive Cases

The world faces loss of almost eight lakhs lives of people around the world led by the United States of America around one lakh seventy thousand. 

Out of 21.8 Million infected cases almost one fourth i.e, 5.44 Million cases are only in the USA followed by Brazil, India, and Russia. Out of 21.8 Million, almost 14 Million people are recovered from this global pandemic and the economy and lives of people have been messed up like never before. Instead of decrement in cases, cases have been rising day by day.

Reasons Behind Re-Increment in Corona Positive Cases

As we all know to how much extent this pandemic affects the economy and lives of people. So by showing this reason, many states and the central government decides to loose the lockdown and make it weak. But people take the looseness on lockdown as an ending of corona and they think things come back lie a previous situation. 

That's the main reason behind the re-increment in corona cases globally and especially in Asia and Europe. Behind this, poor knowledge and poor awareness are also the reasons behind it.

People know they have to take the maximum precaution but they aren't taking the things seriously. That what happens with the current situation and reason behind it.

It may surprise you but the irony is people still roaming here and there without mask and sanitization what shows the ignorance of people towards the corona and their poor mentality towards it. Even, we don't follow the government and authorities' instructions towards its cureness which makes things more difficult and hard.

What We Must Have To Do:

We describe the reasons behind it. Now after explaining and describing the reasons there should be the solutions and ideas to cure it. From the individual side, we have also some responsibility for the betterment and towards cureness of it.

For eg; we have to strictly follow the authorities' instructions and do accordance with them. Also, we have to keep us safe firstly then family and then society and people around us. We must have to contribute from our sides as much as we can for the betterment of the state and the country.

The government also should be strict more than before. Who knows exponential growth of it can cost what and how much in near future. So, the government should think about the public and citizens first rather than the national economy. Things could be messed up more while thinking of improving the situation.

The government should have a long vision rather than seeing and worrying about the 2-3 years' short vision. The economy can be recovered after the pandemic ended but if this pandemic starts to take it exponential speed, it will be very difficult to stop it. So, the goverment should take the primary notes towards this.


Follow these instruction and you are also responsible for the reasons re-increment in corona positive cases also you are the one who can control it.

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